What this article covers:

  • Creating your first sync 
  • What projects to sync
  • What tasks are allowed to sync
  • How to review, map, and launch your sync

Creating your first sync

💡Pro tip: We know you're excited to start syncing, but first, make sure your tools are connected to Unito.

What projects to sync

Welcome to the sync creation wizard!

👉 Goal: choose two projects that you would like sync. 

  1. Left side: select your tool account from the first dropdown and the project you want to sync from the second dropdown
  2. Right side: repeat the same steps and select the other project you want to sync to in the second dropdown.
  3. Sync direction: the default selected option will sync tasks and any updates to tasks bi-directionnally. You can change this default option for a one-way sync if you only want tasks and updates to sync from your 1st project to your 2nd project or vice-versa.

💡Pro tip: if you'd like the changes synced across projects to be anonymous, we recommend creating a bot account.

Which tasks are allowed to sync

If you only want certain tasks to be shared to another project, you can use filters.

  1. Left side: click on the dropdown to select the first filter. Depending on your tool, it can be the assignee, the labels, the lists, etc. This means that only the tasks that have assignees, labels or belong to lists will be allowed to sync to the right side (Masterboard in the example below).
  2. Right side: repeat the same steps to choose the criteria that tasks should have in order to sync to the left side (Engineering Backlog in the example below).

Notes: The filters serve a double purpose:

  • Allowing specific tasks to be synced vs. all tasks in a project.
  • Automatically applying a label to all incoming tasks.

A few examples

Using filters on one side

Only tasks labelled with Masterboard will sync to the Masterboard on the right side.

All tasks from Masterboard will: 

  • Sync to Engineering Backlog board on the left side.
  • Be automatically labelled with masterboard when syncing in Engineering Backlog.

Filter on both sides

Using filters on both sides
Left side:

  • Only tasks labelled with Masterboard will sync to the Masterboard on the right side.
  • The tasks will automatically be labelled with Engineering when syncing to the Masterboard on the right side.

Right side:

  • Only tasks labelled with Engineering will sync to the Engineering backlog on the left side
  • The tasks will automatically be labelled with Masterboard when syncing in Engineering Backlog on the left side.

How to review, map, and launch your sync

👉 Goal: review your setup, map your information and get ready to sync 

1 - Activate auto-sync: by default, the auto-sync mode is activated which means that tasks in your projects will start syncing after you create your sync.. If you'd rather wait before launching your sync, you can deactivate the auto-sync mode.

2- Customize sync: Unito automatically defines which and how information are synchronized (title, description, comment, labels, ...). However, we recommend you double check that they properly matched based on the workflow you want to create. To do so, click on the “Customize sync” button. You”ll be redirected to the “Map fields & Workflow” page. On this page, the main focus is the row that has a blue gear on the right. Click on the gears to validate that the information is correctly mapped together. You’ll find below a short video that will guide you during this phase.

<div style="position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0;"><iframe src="https://www.loom.com/embed/27ffddc01bbf47129615dcddcd05f19d" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen style="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;"></iframe></div>

3- Launch your sync: once your happy with the sync configuration, click on the “Save and sync” button to create your sync🚀!

💡Pro tip
: if things didn’t sync as expected, you can edit your filters & field mappings to retroactively fix any mistakes. And of course, if you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team via the green bubble at the bottom of your screen!

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