Are Custom Fields Supported in Unito?

Unito supports custom field syncing for certain plans. Here's how it works.

Custom field support

Some apps such as Wrike, Asana and Jira let you create extra fields on work items. Unito fully supports those custom fields. You can include them in your flow — like creating a "Sprint end date" field in Trello to sync with Jira — or use them to create rules.

Note that custom field support is only available for some Unito plans. You can see if your plan supports custom fields on Unito's pricing page.

How to sync custom fields with Unito

To sync a custom field with Unito, you just need to map it just like you would with other fields.

Here's an example of how that's done, mapping a custom "Time estimate" field in Asana with the "Original estimate" field in Jira.

Unito has automatically mapped most of the fields used in these projects already, but hasn't mapped the custom field from Asana.

custom field mapping

To do that, just click on +Add mapping.

custom field mapping 2

Then, use the Select a field dropdown on the Asana side to find your custom field.

custom field mapping 3

And do that again on the Jira side to find the Original Estimate field.

Custom field mapping 4

Now that these fields are mapped to each other, data from Jira will automatically sync to your custom field in Asana.

custom field mapping 5

Note that for some tools — like Trello — there are a few extra steps needed to enable custom fields in the tool itself before you can sync them with Unito.