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How to Connect or Reconnect a Tool

Whether an authorization token has expired or you're running into other issues, sometimes you need to quickly reconnect it to Unito.

You don't need to manually disconnect an app or tool in order to refresh your connection with Unito. Instead you can just select connect account, which refreshes the auth tokens. This can save you a lot of time and effort, since you can't manually disconnect an integration without deleting all existing flows or blocks of work related to it. 

So whether you're connecting a new tool for the first time, or refreshing and reconnecting an existing integration, this is all you need to keep in mind:

Connect or reconnect a tool

From your Unito dashboard, select Connect a new tool:

This will take you to the integrations screen.

Find the app or tool you'd like to connect or reconnect and select Connect account. Here's what that looks like when reconnecting Asana:

Asana reconnectJust prompting Unito to reconnect with your tool should be enough to fix most connection problems you're running into. If this doesn't solve your issue, reach out to our live support team at your convenience!