Welcome to Unito!

Welcome to Unito! With Unito, you can sync crucial work between your favorite work management tools and achieve true collaboration. Natacha Premont

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What is Unito?

Unito is a workflow management solution that gives your teams the ability to stay in sync no matter what tools they're using. By building flows, you can build two-way connections between your projects, creating a seamless transition of information between multiple tools.

Below, you'll find a list of resources to help you get the most out of Unito. You'll find how-to guides for building flows, using Unito's different features, as well as advanced information on the security of your data and other technical topics.

Unito Basics

How To Create Your First Flow

Every User Permission Unito Needs

Unito's Authorization Process

How To Test Your Flows

Unito Terminology Guide

Unito Features

How to Change Flow Direction

How To Set Up Rules

How to Map Fields

How to Map Statuses and Sections

Technical and Security Information

Unito and GDPR

How Secure Is Unito

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