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How to Duplicate Flows with Unito

Save time on flow creation with our duplication feature. Use it to easily create new flows with preset rules and field mappings.

What does this article cover?

How to duplicate a flow

Duplicate Button

The flow list shows every flow you've created, including draft flows. Click on the upright ellipsis and you'll see a Duplicate option. Clicking it will let you duplicate that flow.

This will bring you into the flow creation screen, where you can choose your blocks from among your connected tools.

Tool Connection

Your rules will populate automatically based on the original flow you duplicated.

Note: Unito will let you know if any of the duplicated rules are not accessible by the blocks of the new flow.

Field mappings will also be automatically pulled from the original flow (so “label” maps to “tag”) as well as the actual values in those fields (e.g. “red label” maps to “blue tag”).

How to duplicate flows from the workflow designer

If your workflow has more than one flow, you may notice a pop-up when you click on the plus sign to edit your flow.

Workflow pop-up

To duplicate your flow, you just need to click on Start from an existing flow. From there, you can pick the flow you want to start from and then follow the same steps as above.

Pick flows to start from

The rules and field mappings from the original flow will be automatically duplicated. All that's needed is to quickly review the settings to make sure they match your flow, and you're done!

What is and isn't duplicated

Your rules and custom field mappings will be automatically copied when you duplicate your flow, as well as flow direction. So if your original flow is set up to sync in one direction, your duplicated flow will automatically copy this over.

Here are a few things flow duplication can't do quite yet:

  • Duplicate auto-sync status. Duplicated flows will automatically be switched to only sync new items until you change this.

  • You can't change the tool account used in a duplicated flow.

Other considerations before duplicating Unito flows

You won't be able to duplicate a flow if you're not the user who added its blocks of work to your workspace. For instance, imagine a flow already exists between Asana project A and Trello board B, which were both added to your workspace by User X. You won't be able to duplicate it. However, if you're the one who added these blocks to your workspace, you can duplicate them no problem. This is so your data stays secure no matter what.

Additionally, only the flow owner (the person who created the original flow) can duplicate it.