How to Fix Common Unito Connection and Sync Issues

Have your run into an issue using Unito? Here we list the most common issues our users face and provide solutions for fixing them.

Issues covered in this article:

I get an error when I try to connect


Be sure to follow the steps outlined in our Jira configuration guide: you'll need to create an application link in Jira, and set your email contact visibility to anyone

GitHub Enterprise

A one-time GitHub Enterprise configuration is required, follow the steps in the configuration guide, or skip to the troubleshooting checklist.


First, log into Wrike directly and click the “Remember me” checkbox.

Then, try connecting from Unito. It should log you in automatically after asking for authorization.


Zendesk uses API tokens as part of two-factor authentication for integrations. If you can't connect Zendesk to Unito, you likely need to generate an API token, which will allow you to use Oauth and connect your account. 

Check out Zendesk's own guide to generating a new API token.  

I can't find the block of work I want to sync


First, make sure the account selected is a member and not a guest of your organization, if that is the case you have limited access to projects.

If it’s a member, make sure you are part of the Asana team where the project you want to sync lives.


Can't find the GitHub repo you want to sync? Make sure you are both a member of the GitHub organization that owns the repo, and also a collaborator (different from a contributor) of the repo you want to sync.
 If that's already the case, maybe your organization has enabled third-party application restrictions.
 Here is a step-by-step guide on how to approve a third-party app in GitHub.
 Finally, try to re-authorize with GitHub.


Make sure the user account selected for the flow has access to the Jira project you want to sync and has the write and read permissions in Jira (see what permissions are required for Jira accounts).


Make sure the user account selected for the flow has access to and is a member of the Trello Board you want to sync.


Make sure the project is located at the root level and it’s shared with the account selected for the flow.

By default all projects and folders in Wrike are private, so make sure the ones you want to sync are shared with the selected sync account.

My work items are not syncing

  • Make sure that auto-sync is turned on!

    • In the example below, the first flow has auto-sync turned off, so it won't update work items in either tool. In the second example, auto-sync is on, so any changes will stay in sync with Unito.

Auto-Sync Example

  • Make sure that you have the correct permissions to make changes in each connected app or tool.

  • Wrike + Jira users: If you edited the task description in Wrike, it can take up to 5 minutes for the descriptions to be updated in Jira.

  • You may have hit the rate limit in your tool's API. This is the case particularly during the initial syncing of a large block. Here's more information about sync performance with Unito.

  • In some extreme cases, when lacking the capacity to do its job, Unito may need to abandon flows halfway, and will show an error stating “Reached connector rate limit quota". Here, depending on the tool, various solutions are available: moving the subscription to your tool to a different plan (for example, Asana rate limits are 10 times higher for Premium users), adjusting your options to sync more selectively and/or splitting your flows across several accounts/bot accounts. If you are still running into issues, feel free to contact our product specialists.

My assignees are not syncing

Usually, this is because your assignees aren't mapped properly. Have a look at this article, which will show you how to check this mapping. Note: Trello uses the word Members to refer to Assignees. If you're using Trello in your workflow, make sure Members are mapped to Assignees.

Why aren't all my users listed?


You don't see a particular user in the user list? Make sure they are either an owner of your GitHub organization or a collaborator of the repository you want to sync.


We only list users that are assignable in your Jira project. This means users that can be assigned to issues. You can learn how to set up this permission on Atlassian's documentation.

My status and workflows are not syncing

Please have a look at this article, where you can learn all about workflow mapping.

If you are encountering a problem that needs further support, or a problem that isn't listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.