How to Re-Authorize Unito Access in GitHub

Certain situations will require you to jump into GitHub to re-authorize Unito access. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Sometimes you need to (gently) force GitHub to re-authorize Unito for access. For example, this could be needed when you gain access to a new organization in GitHub; Unito will not get access to the organization's repositories automatically.

How to force the re-authorization of Unito

Click on the user dropdown in the top right, and click on Integrations.

Scroll down to GitHub and click on the user image. You'll get this pop-up.

github disconnect

Click on Disconnect. Once that's done, you'll be taken back to the integration list. Click on Connect account.

From there, just follow the authorization steps, and you're done!

Note: when adding a new GitHub account, if you want to use a different GitHub User than the one you're logged in with, simply sign out of GitHub before connecting it from the Unito App.