What Permissions are Required for Jira Users?

Setting up a Jira workflow through Unito requires a certain number of permissions. Here we outline what is and what isn't needed.

Jira permissions required to connect with Unito

Unito integrations go through a Jira user to sync tools and perform all actions (e.g. create, change status, edit, comment). This Jira user requires the below permissions in Jira. Details on how to set up permissions in Jira can be found in the Jira Knowledge Base here, and information about managing permissions can be found here.

Note: Before setting up permissions, we recommended you create a Jira service account (also known as a bot user), AKA an account in Jira that doesn't belong to a specific person on your team that can be shared.

Global permissions

  • Administer Jira

  • Browse users and groups

Why do we need these?

These permissions allow us to create webhooks, improving workflow performance. You can learn more about webhooks here. You can also learn more about authorizing Unito for Jira access here. Additionally, we need to be able to browse users and groups in order to interact with assignees, reporters, and commenters at the project level.

Don't worry, even if we need these permissions, it doesn't mean that Jira users and administrators will have access to all Jira projects across both instances. They'll still only be able to work in the projects you give them access to in Jira.

General Jira permissions

  • Login to Jira

Project permissions

  • Browse Projects

  • Administer Projects

  • View Development Tools

  • View Read-Only Workflow

Issue permissions

  • Assignable User

  • Assign Issues

  • Close Issues

  • Create Issues

  • Edit Issues

  • Link Issues

  • Modify Reporter

  • Move Issues

  • Resolve Issues

  • Schedule Issues

  • Transition Issues

Voters & watchers permissions

  • View Voters and Watchers

Comments permissions

  • Add Comments

  • Edit All Comments

  • Edit Own Comments

Attachments permissions

  • Create Attachments

Time tracking permissions

  • Work On Issues

  • Edit All Worklogs

  • Edit Own Worklogs

Jira permissions not required to connect with Unito

The following permissions are NOT needed:

Project permissions

  • Manage Sprints

Issue permissions

  • Delete Issues

  • Set Issue Security

Voters & watchers permissions

  • Manage Watchers

Comments permissions

  • Delete All Comments

  • Delete Own Comments

Attachments permissions

  • Delete All Attachments

  • Delete Own Attachments

Time tracking permissions

  • Delete All Worklogs

Note: You need administrator permissions to connect your Jira account to Unito. Once the account is connected, you only need project-level admin permissions to create a flow.