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  • How to map statuses and sections

How it's done

Mapping statuses and sections gives you the ability to decide where your work items will end up in each tool. For example, you can specify that a task that is in your To-Do List should go into the corresponding tool's backlog when it syncs.

This exact functionality will vary depending on the tools you integrate, but generally follows a similar set-up process. Here's how you would map sections when setting up a flow between two Trello boards:

Scroll down to the lists mapping and click on the chevron on the left.

Click on Add more lists & lists to add your first mapping.

Pick a list for each dropdown.

And just like, you've added your first list mapping! You can add a new one-to-one mapping by clicking on Add more lists & lists again. You can also add another list to create a group of lists that map to a single list. Click on the plus sign to do this.

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