What this article covers:

  • How to customize your workflow

  • How to map multiple statuses to one status

  • Custom workflow support in Wrike

  • An example of list and status mapping in a Trello-Jira sync

We've launched an evolution of our product, so some of the terminology and guidance in this article might be a bit out of date, and we're working hard to update it. You can learn more about our new workflow offering here, brush up on the new terminology here, and find out how to build your first workflow here.

How to customize your workflow

The ability to customize your workflow depends on the tool you want to sync. Some tools allow for very complex workflows to best fit your team (e.g. Wrike custom workflows and Jira workflows). Other tools have workflows as simple as Open/Close or Incomplete/Complete (e.g. GitHub and Asana).

Link to the video guide

Status mapping for your flows can be easily customized to your exact needs. You can do so directly from the Unito app. Simply edit your flow, choose the Map Fields tab, and click on the cog on the right of List/State/Status (whichever your specific tool pair has) to explore the workflow mappings. This is an example of what you may see:

In this example with a Trello-Trello flow, lists are being mapped automatically when they have the same name. To adjust your mapping, simply remove the incorrectly mapped lists and click on "Add new group" to map your lists to match your workflow.

How to map multiple statuses to one status

In our workflow mapping section, you can assign several different statuses into "Status Groups." In these groups, all of the statuses will map to the topmost status of the opposing group.

You can use this functionality to map complicated workflows over into simple ones, and vice versa!

Custom workflow support in Wrike

Please note that you can only map a single Wrike workflow. This means that statuses on Wrike tasks that are in another unmapped workflow will not sync. You can map the Default workflow automatically, but we recommend you setup a Custom Workflow in Wrike to closely match the Jira workflow.
 To map a new custom workflow, delete the default workflow and add a new mapping:

List and status mapping in a Trello-Jira flow

(To watch the complete course, go here)

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