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  • How our pricing works 

  • What you get out of your plan

  • How to get the most out of your plan

  • How to get more active users

Unito charges a monthly fee based on your number of active users. You can check out our pricing page for a list of our plans, or read on for more detail.  

How our pricing works

How Unito defines an active user

Our goal with active users is to only charge for people who actually get value from the sync and not every person who uses the tools you sync. That means anyone actively involved in a synced task, card or issue, whether by editing them or by keeping track of their progress.

An active user is an individual collaborating on your synced projects. He or she can be someone:

  • who makes changes to synced tasks, cards, or issues.

  • who is following/watching synced tasks, cards, or issues.

Individuals are only counted once no matter how many projects or tools they work with.

Your active users are the number of unique people who have collaborated in any of your synchronized projects during the last 30 days. If someone, for example, is both an issue commenter in Jira and a card member in Trello, they only count once. Further, if someone was an active user last month but doesn't engage in any collaborative activities this month, they won't count as an active user.

Why Unito charges by active user

One of the most common questions we get is why we charge per active user rather than per project, manager, or task. Here's the simple answer: we believe it's the most accurate way of reflecting the value you get out of using Unito. We believe that the value you get increases for every new person you work with. It saves even more meetings, even more emails, and makes collaborating with a large number of people significantly easier. Because the value you get out of our project scales with every new active user that sees those synced tasks, we scale our pricing based on that same metric: number of active users.

So go ahead and create many tiny projects or one massive program. Break down your work into detailed step-by-step tasks or keep it high level. Unito will adapt to how you work, and we'll keep our prices fair.

How Unito counts active users in each tool

Here’s who we count as an active user in each tool:


  • Task assignees

  • Task authors

  • Task commenters


  • ToDo assignees

  • ToDo authors

  • ToDo commenters


  • Issue assignees

  • Issue authors

  • Issue commenters


  • Issue assignees

  • Issue authors

  • Issue commenters


  • Issue assignees

  • Issue authors

  • Issue commenters


  • Users assigned to synced tasks

  • Users who contribute to synced tasks


  • Issue reporter

  • Issue assignees

  • Issue commenters

  • Issue watchers

* Note for Jira users: Unlike most Jira Add-ons, we don't charge you for every Jira seat!


  • Card members

  • Card commenters


  • Task assignees

  • Task authors

  • Task commenters

  • Task followers


  • Agents assigned to synced tickets

  • Agents who respond to synced tickets

What you get out of your plan

How many automatic syncs are included?

The plan that you purchase dictates how many automatic syncs you can have at any time. Once you get to your maximum allotted amount for your plan, every subsequent sync will be a manual one.

You can read more about the differences between Manual and Automatic syncs right here.

The frequency of automatic syncs

The frequency at which your syncs are updated automatically is also dictated by your plan. Smaller plans have a longer period between automatic syncs, while our larger plans sync live. Here's a breakdown per plan:

  • Personal - 10 minute auto sync

  • Team - 5 minute auto sync

  • Business - live auto sync

  • Enterprise - live auto sync

Onboardings included by Unito plan

Team plans and above also come with free onboardings from our customer success team. They'll work with you and give you specialized advice on your syncs to make sure that you're getting the most out of Unito. Team plan users get a 30-minute onboarding, while Business and Enterprise plans get one hour.

You can also purchase additional onboarding time as a premium service

How to get the most out of your plan

How to check your active user count

You can see at any moment the number of active users we've detected for the past 30 days in the Workspace section of the Unito app.

How to remove active Unito users?

To remove an active user, head over to your Unito billing page and select "Remove" next to the users you would like to remove. If you remove someone from your active users, this means that any tasks/issues/cards that they are assigned to won't sync.

Simply click "Reactivate" next to users that you would like to sync again.

Are your active users showing up more than once?

This is most likely due to your team members having different email addresses across tools. To let us know they are the same user, edit your sync and map the two users together in the "map user" section. It will take 30 days for your active user list to refresh and update these changes.

How to get more active users

The amount of active users you have depends on your plan:

If you're not sure which plan you need — or you're thinking of upgrading — please reach out!

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