When (And Why) Your Unito Plan Will Be Automatically Upgraded

If you go over your items in sync count, your Unito plan may be automatically upgraded. Here's why.

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Why your Unito plan might get automatically upgraded

Your items in sync count is the main factor in determining how much you'll need to pay to use Unito.  But because your workflows move quickly, it can be tough to track the number of items in sync you'll actually need after building all your flows. That's why Unito will automatically upgrade you to the plan you need if you go over your items in sync count.

That won't happen the moment you go over your count, though.

When your Unito plan will get automatically upgraded

When you first cross your items in sync count, you'll get a warning email, advising you that your plan will get upgraded if you don't bring your items in sync count under your plan's limit. If you don't, you'll get a last warning email before your plan is automatically upgraded. When that happens depends on your billing cycle:

  • If your plan is billed monthly, it will be upgraded at the next billing date.
  • If your plan is billed yearly, it will be upgraded shortly after the second warning email is sent, and you will be charged a prorated amount based on the amount of time your workspace was over its items in sync count.

How your Unito plan will get upgraded

Now that you know why and when your Unito plan can be automatically upgraded, let's dive into the how. Generally speaking, your Unito plan will be upgraded in one of two ways.

  • If your plan can be upgraded to a higher items in sync count without going to the next plan tier, this will happen automatically.
  • If your plan's items in sync limit is already at the maximum limit for your current plan tier, you'll be automatically upgraded to the lowest items in sync limit of the next plan tier.

Don't want the automatic upgrade? Here are some strategies for reducing your total items in sync count and staying under your plan's limit.