Unito allows you to sync several Trello boards together, so lists and cards can be automatically updated across multiple boards. Trello boards can also be synced to one another in order to create Master Boards, executive summaries, and more with absolute ease. 

What this article covers:

  • What information can be synced between Trello boards
  • What information cannot be synced between Trello boards
  • What other customization options Unito provides
  • Information on the Unito Sync Power-Up for Trello

What can be synced between Trello boards?

See a field you would like to sync that's not listed? Contact us, we may already support it through a manual configuration.

What cannot be synced between Trello boards?


Unito doesn't currently support user mentions in titles, descriptions or comments — but we plan to make it happen soon. 

Is there a feature you would really like to see? Contact us, we prioritize based on user requests.

Customization options for syncing Trello boards

Filter issues or cards synced

Unito will sync all cards and issues by default but you can customize your workflow by syncing just some of them. Learn how to do that in this guide

One-way sync

Most syncs between Trello boards will be two-way, but you can choose to create a one-way sync instead. Here's how it works.

Map your Trello users across teams

Unito automatically maps your users based on their email addresses. However, there are cases where you might need to manually map users across teams, like if their email addresses don't match up across tools. Here's how to do it.

Sync tasks that are already closed

Unito will automatically sync opened tasks or issues automatically. But you can customize your sync to include tasks and issues that were already closed when you created it. Here's how to do it.

The Unito Sync Power-Up for Trello

Now, syncing different boards together in Trello is more convenient than ever before! Now, you can sync two boards together from right inside Trello! In order to enable the Power-up, all you need to do is click on the 'Power-ups' menu in Trello, and navigate down to "Board Sync by Unito". This will create a new account for you if you've never used us before, or simply automatically log you in if you've already connected your Trello account to Unito.

From here, you'll be prompted to set up your first sync right away. We automatically select the board that you've added the power-up to as the first tool to be synced; you just need to select the second board, and you're set! From here, just like in our regular app, you'll be able to customize your sync fully. Additionally, if ever you want more detail about your syncs, you can click the "Open Full App" in the bottom of the window to come directly to your full dashboard. Here, you can find information about your organization, your collaborators, billing, and more!

What's next?

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