How to Install Unito’s Trello Power-Ups

With a Unito Power-Up, you can start syncing Trello cards between boards or even to other tools in your stack.

In this article:

Here's the step-by-step process for installing one of Unito's Trello Power-Ups.

Which Unito Power-Up do I need?

Our 2-Way Card Mirror Power-Up is best for syncing individual Trello cards one at a time.

Export & Sync enables Trello users to quickly export Trello cards from their boards to Google Sheets for faster reporting.

Unito Board Sync and all other Unito Power-Ups are identical to one another - they represent an embedded version of our standalone Unito app in Trello so that users can build flows without leaving the Trello interface. 

How do I add one of Unito's Trello Power-Ups to my workflow?

First, log in to your Trello account and open the board you want to sync cards from.

a cool trello board

Click Power-Ups, then Add Power-Ups.

Power ups menu

This will take you to Trello's Power-Up marketplace. Type "Unito" in the search bar and click See all results for "unito" (don't hit Enter).

marketplace menu

You'll see listings for all of Unito's Power-Ups. Look for the Power-Up you need and click Add.

List of Unitos Trello Power-Ups

Note: If you plan on connecting more than one tool to Trello with Unito, then you only need to add Unito's Board Sync Power-Up. It offers the same functionality as all other Power-Ups except for 2-Way Card Mirror and Export & Sync. 

Next you'll see this screen.

Connecting Board Sync to Trello with Unito

Hit Add again to add the Power-Up to your board (or find your board in the dropdown if needed).

Now, back on your Trello board of choice, you'll find Unito Sync in your list of Power-Ups. Click on it and click Authorize.

Authorize Unito Trello Embed

From there, hit Allow to give Unito the permissions it needs to sync your Trello cards. Click on Unito from the Power-Up menu, connect it to an existing account (or start a free trial), and you'll be ready to start syncing!

The next step is to build your first flow! You can follow our generic step-by-step guide here or browse Unito's collection of guides for Trello users.