A Guide To Unito's Trello Integration

Looking to add Trello to your workflow? Here's what you can expect from Unito's 2-way integration.

In this Trello integration article:

Unito syncs Trello card data from your boards to other apps and tools supported by Unito. By creating a Unito flow, you'll be able to keep your cards synced with automated updates based on rules set by you.

How do you sync Trello cards with Unito?

To connect Trello and/or another tool through Unito Sync Platform or one of Unito's Trello Power-Ups, users create flows. Flows represent the connection between Trello and other tools comprised of four steps:

Trello Hub Board

Which Trello fields can sync with Unito?

The table below lists out all the card fields you can sync with Unito's Trello integration, as well as which fields can be used in rules.

Trello Card Fields One-way Two-way Rules
Board name    
Card ID    
Checkbox (custom field)*
Checklist item completion  
Date (custom field)*
Dropdown (custom field)*
Due date  
Due date checkbox  
Link to card    
Number (custom field)*
Start date  
Text (custom field)*
Updated at    

Custom fields are only available with certain plans. Visit Unito's pricing page for more information.

Quick definitions:

    • One-Way: Changes to the Trello card field will appear in the other synced field but not vice versa.
    • Two-Way: Changes to either synced field will appear in the other.
    • Rules: This card field can be used as a trigger in your rules to filter work items from syncing with Unito.

Ready to start building a flow? Browse Unito's resources library for step-by-step Trello guides, videos, templates, tutorials and more!

What counts as an item in sync?

For Trello, Unito counts both cards and checklists as items in sync. So if you sync a Trello card that has a checklist, Unito will count that as two synced items.

Watch this Trello integration in action:

Step-by-step tutorials for Trello users

Here's a list of guides for Trello users to setup Unito flows with specific tool combinations


Project management tools

Database or spreadsheet management

Linked calendars

Form tools

Custom fields in Trello and other options for customization

Our Trello integration supports a number of custom fields and other customization settings.

Custom fields

The custom fields supported by this integration are Single-Select dropdown, Number, Checkbox, Date, and Text fields. You can also build rules with the Single-Select dropdown fields.


Trello checklists can be synced with other tools that have subtasks, such as Asana or Jira. The status, assignees, and due dates of these checklist items will also be synchronized.

Default list

When a Trello card is created to match a task in another tool — like a Jira issue — you can determine which list it will be created under in Trello.

Attachment streaming

You can stream Trello attachments, meaning anyone with the link can view the files from other tools without logging into Trello.

Attachments synced from one board to another are automatically transferred as an attachment, rather than a link.

Where should I access Unito as a Trello user?

You have two options for setting up Unito flows with a Trello account:

For Google Sheets users: We also have the Export & Sync Power-Up designed to quickly export Trello data into Google Sheets in just a few clicks.

Here's a guide to our other Trello Power-Ups.

Limitations and compatibility

We’re constantly looking to better support Trello’s growing list of features, fields, and use-cases. Here are a few common limitations you should be aware of:

  • Copied checklists do not sync.

  • Checklist members and due dates can only be synced with other Trello boards or Jira projects.

  • Start Dates can’t be synced yet.

  • Most non-Unito Power-Up data can’t be synced. For example, an Epic created through the Hello Epics Power-Up can’t be synced with Unito.

  • If comments aren't turned on for Members of the Trello board you're trying to sync, you won't be able to publish your Unito flow. Make sure comments are turned on.

Unito is compatible with all tiers of Trello, paid and free.

Necessary permissions and authorization

In order to sync the things you care about, Unito needs the authorization to make changes within your tools. Here's what Unito needs to access your Trello boards.

Make sure the user account selected for the flow is a member of the Trello Board you want to sync.

OAuth Scopes

Read Reading of boards, organizations, etc. on behalf of the user.
Write Writing of boards, organizations, etc. on behalf of the user.
Account Read member email, writing of member info, and marking notifications as read.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our Trello integration.

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