Zendesk + Jira Integration

Learn the best use cases for a Zendesk-Jira integration, what fields are synced between the two tools, and your customization options.

With Unito, you can seamlessly collaborate with your IT and development teams who live in Jira without them ever having to use Zendesk! Here's how these two tools come together with Unito.

What is synced?

Zendesk   Jira
Title ←→ Title
Description ←→ Description
Internal notes ←→ Comments
Status ←→ Status
Priority ←→ Priority
Assignee ←→ Assignee
Tags ←→ Labels
Task due date ←→ Due date
Description footer Attachments
Link to ticket Description footer
Description footer Link to issue
Ticket type Issue type
Submitter Reporter
Ticket number Description footer
Description footer Issue number
Description footer Epic
Description footer Start date
Description footer Sprint
Description footer Sprint start date
Description footer Sprint end date
Description footer Original estimated duration
Description footer Remaining estimated duration
Description footer Time spent
Description footer Project name
Description footer Components
Description footer Affected versions
Description footer Fix versions
Group name Description footer


Note: after the initial sync, the Zendesk ticket description cannot be updated due to its read-only first comment nature. Any changes on the synced task description or fields of the description footer cannot be reflected in Zendesk.

A field you'd like to sync is not listed? Contact us, we may already support it through a manual configuration.

What is not synced?

Mentions Unito does not support user mentions in titles, descriptions, or comments
Jira Sprints (On the roadmap)
Jira links/dependencies (On the roadmap)
Jira subtasks Subtasks are not current a feature in Zendesk
Some Zendesk rich text For now, only basic text formatting such as bold, italic, and titles are supported.
Zendesk Date type custom field limitation The Zendesk date type custom field only accepts yyyy-mm-dd format so the time (hours and minutes) information will be lost when syncing to this field.


Is there a feature you'd really like? Contact us, we prioritize based on user requests.

Customization options

Here are all the available options for Zendesk and Jira:

Sync Zendesk public comments

By default, only internal notes will sync but you do have the option to sync the public replies also. Here's how it works.

Filter by tag or label

Unito will sync all tickets and issues by default but you can customize your workflow by syncing just some of them (complete guide).

Filter by ticket type

You can filter which type of tickets you want to be synced to Jira (complete guide).

One-way sync

You can choose to sync only from Zendesk to Jira or Jira to Zendesk. Here is how it works.

Map your Jira and Zendesk users

Here is a complete article on how to sync teammates.

Default type for new Jira issues

Unito lets you choose which issue type should be created in Jira each time a new ticket is synced from Zendesk.

Sync tickets/issues already closed

Unito will automatically sync open tickets or issues. But here is how to also sync closed tickets and issues prior to the sync creation.

Prefix Zendesk ticket title with Jira issue number

Here's a guide on prefixing the issue number to the Zendesk ticket.