How to Sync Zendesk Public Replies

Unito only syncs internal ticket notes by default. If you want to sync public replies, here's what to do.

What this article covers:

  • How to enable syncing of public replies in Unito

  • Important considerations when syncing public replies

How to enable public replies to sync in Unito

By default, we will only sync internal notes made within Zendesk tickets. If you would like to give a bit more context and sync all of the public replies as well, this is possible!

To enable this, edit your sync and head over to the "More Options" tab within your sync settings. Simply turn on the toggle next to "Include public comments".

Important considerations when syncing public replies

  • Turning this option on will sync all existing public replies with the timestamp of when this option was enabled. It will not order your public replies chronologically based on when the public reply was sent. Any new public replies will be synced with a more accurate timestamp.

  • Public replies will show as standard comments in your other tool

  • Any comments made within the other tool will still display as internal notes in Zendesk

  • Turning off this option will not retroactively delete any public replies that have already synced