Zendesk + Asana Integration

Learn the best use cases for a Zendesk-Asana integration, what fields are synced between the two tools, and your customization options.

Use Zendesk and Asana together to improve your team's efficiency. Whether you need more information to get your sync set up or you're just checking us out, this guide will show you what we sync, how to get started, and how to solve common problems.

Here's a demo of our integration between Zendesk and Jira. The steps are virtually identical to Unito's integration between Asana and Zendesk.

What does Unito sync between Asana and Zendesk?

Note: after the initial sync, the Zendesk ticket description cannot be updated due to its read-only first comment nature. Any changes on the synced task description or fields of the description footer cannot be reflected in Zendesk.

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What is not synced?

Customization options

Here are all the available options for Zendesk and Asana:

Sync Zendesk public comments

By default, only internal notes will sync but you do have the option to sync the public replies also. Here's how it works.

Filter by tag, assignee, or ticket type

Unito will sync all tickets and cards by default but you can customize your workflow by syncing just some of them by tag, assignee, or ticket type.

One-way sync

You can choose to sync only from Zendesk to Asana or Asana to Zendesk by changing flow direction.

Sync tickets/cards already closed/archived

Unito will automatically sync open tickets or cards. But here is how to also sync closed tickets and cards prior to the sync creation.

Prefix card title with Zendesk ticket number

Unito doesn't sync the ticket number to Asana by default but you can enable that in your sync settings under the more options tab. Here is how to do it.