Troubleshooting Shared Connector Errors

If you encounter an error message that states "you cannot log in with a shared connector," here's what to do.

If you log into your Unito account and get an error message stating that "you cannot log in with a shared connector," don't fret! Here's what that error message means, and how to solve it.

What is a Shared Connector Error?

A Shared Connector Error happens when the same integration (the same Trello account, for example) was added in two separate Unito accounts. That can happen if you're sharing users with someone else using Unito, or if you accidentally created two accounts yourself by accessing Unito with different tools.

The integration is now associated with two different Unito accounts, and that means that we can't log you in, because we don't know which account you're trying to get to.

How do you fix it?

You'll need to remove the connector from one of the two Unito Accounts. Here's how:

If you're sharing a user with someone else, log back into your tool using your own personal account, and access Unito again.

If you're already on your personal user, you'll need to access Unito through another one of your tools.

Once inside Unito, go to Integrations section, click on the profile picture of the connector you cannot log in with, and disconnect it.

You'll now be able to access your second Unito account again through the connector you removed.

Note: A quick review of Unito's terminology may help too.

Reach out to us

If you don't know what happened, and you can't recall adding the same integration to different Unito accounts, go ahead and contact [email protected] (or just open up a chat with us in the bottom right of this page!). Tell us the email associated with your account, and we can have our team investigate and help sort out your accounts!