How to Sign Up and Log in to Unito

There are more than a few ways you can log in to your Unito account. Here they are.

What does this article cover?

When you first sign up for Unito, you'll have two options: sign up with an email and password or use a tool account.

Using an email and password combination

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If you choose the former, just add your email address, name, and create a password.

email password

Resetting your password in Unito

If you need to reset your Unito password, you can do it by first logging out of the app. Then, at the login screen, click Forgot your password?

Unito Reset Password


From there it's simply a matter of following the on-screen instructions to receive an email that will help you reset your password in Unito.

Using a tool account

Instead of using an email and password, you can instead sign up for Unito with the same account you use for one of the tools you want to integrate. All you need to do is click on the logo for the tool you want to use — or click More if your tool isn't there.

Unito sign up

If, for example, you click on Trello, you'll be taken to this screen.

Trello login

From there, you can log in to your Trello account, authorize Unitoo, and you'll be able to use your Trello credentials whenever you want to log in to Unito.

Does Unito support single sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, you can use SSO with Unito through your tool accounts — so long as they have SSO enabled. For example, if you log in to your Unito workspace through a Trello account with SSO, Unito will redirect you to Trello for authentication. This will, in turn, lead you through Trello's SSO process.

If you would prefer an SSO option through Unito directly, we're currently recruiting businesses to test our new SSO option through a Private Beta. Contact us for more information on how you can sign up.