List of ServiceNow Fields Supported by Unito

This article details the ServiceNow record fields and field types that can be synced with a Unito integration

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For more information, please read: How to implement Unito for ServiceNow.

While Unito can sync a wide range of fields depending on your ServiceNow instance configuration, this information will focus exclusively on incidents and ITSM use cases. Keep in mind, this list is non-exhaustive. Here's how to find fields in ServiceNow.

Supported ServiceNow field types

Browse a list of Field Types in ServiceNow Washington.

Field Types Definition One-way  Two-way 
Assignment Group The  group or team is responsible for handling a particular record, such as an incident, problem, or change request.
Attachments Files attached to a ServiceNow record
Choice A list of configurable choices where users select a single option from a predefined list. Unito can sync this type of field to any other single-select field in another tool.
Date, Date/Time Day and time of day, which can be selected with a calendar widget.
Duration A length of time shared as a time stamp. IN Unito, this is exposed as string.    
Integer A number with no decimal points. 
List A reference field that accepts multiple references instead of just one. This information is exposed as string in your other app or tool.
Reference A query that displays records from another table. This is currently exposed as a read-only string using the display-name of the reference, if available.  
String (text) Single and multi-line text.
Sys ID A 32-character GUID (Globally Unique ID) that acts as a unique identifier for every record within a ServiceNow instance. This can be synced to your other tool exposed as a read-only string.  
Time A specific time stored as a date/time field.
True/False Boolean field that appears as a one-digit integer, typically 1 (true) or 0 (false).

ServiceNow incident fields for ITSM use cases:

Field name Definition One-way  Two-way 
Active The "active" field  determines whether a record should be visible and usable within the ServiceNow instance or not.
Assigned to Reference to the assigned user.
Category and Subcategory Choice fields for categories and subcategories.
Created This field automatically records the exact date and time that a record was first created in ServiceNow. It cannot be modified.  
Created by Records the user who initially created a ServiceNow record.
Description Displays and allows entry of multi-line text.
Escalation Integer that indicates how long the task has been open. States go from Normal to Moderate to High,  and Overdue.
Impact A choice field with multiple options indicating the potential impact of a record or incident.
Number An identifying number for any record. This field is the display value for a given table. ServiceNow generates this number when a record is created.
State  A choice list for record status: Pending, Open, Work in Progress, Closed, Complete, Closed, Incomplete, Skipped
Updates A count of how many times a record has been modified since its creation. Unito can sync this as a numerical field.
Display name A user-friendly label or title for a record in ServiceNow. Provides a more recognizable identifier than the Sys ID.
Task Type Specifies the type of task or record, which corresponds to the child class. ServiceNow populates this value when a record is created on a child table.
Time Worked Display a timer which measures how long a record is open in the form view.
Update name  A label that identifies a specific update set within ServiceNow (a group of code or configuration changes). Unito can sync this name to provide context about a change for workflows involving other connected tools.
Updated by Records the user who performed the most recent update to a record.
Unito could sync this to identify the last modifier, connecting a person to the latest change.
Updated A timestamp indicating the date and time of the most recent update to a record. Unito can sync this to provide accurate information about when the last change occurred, which is helpful for workflows based on timelines or time since the last activity.  
Link to record Creates a reference to the synced record from ServiceNow in your other connected app or tool.  
Priority A choice field with multiple options indicating the level of priority of a given incident.
Urgency  A choice field with multiple options indicating the level of urgency of a given incident.
Watch list Specifies users who receive Email and SMS notifications when the record is updated. By default, only the Incident, Change, and Service Catalog applications notify users listed in this field. 
Work Notes (private comments) A field for internal notes on a ServiceNow record, typically not visible to standard users. These can be synced to/from comments in your other tool(s).
Work notes list Specifies users who receive Email and SMS notifications when work notes are added to the record. By default, only the Change, Problem, and Service Catalog applications notify users listed in this field.

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