An Overview of Unito's Integration

Looking to add to your workflow? Here's what you can expect from our integration.

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Unito can sync tasks or items with automated 2-way updates whenever you make manual changes. By creating a Unito flow, you'll be able to keep and your other tool(s) refreshed in real-time  from end-to-end.

This article will give you an overview of supported functionality in, as well as the limitations of Unito's integration.

Which field types can sync with Unito?

Here are the field types you can currently sync with, whether they can be used in two-way flows, as well as whether you can use them in rules or not.

Quick definitions:

    • One-Way: Changes to the task field will appear in the other synced field but not vice versa.
    • Two-Way: Changes to either synced field will appear in the other.
    • Rules: This task field can be used as a trigger in your rules to filter work items from syncing with Unito. Field Types One-Way? Two-Way? Rules?
Board name    
Created at    
Link to item    
Long text
Updated at    

What counts as an item in sync?

For, Unito counts every synced item as an item in sync.

Ready to start building a flow? Browse Unito's collection of guides and tutorials!

Limitations and compatibility

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using this integration:

  • Unsupported fields: Currently, our integration doesn't support the Board, Dropdown, Timeline, or Email fields.
  • Attachments: Attachments can't currently be synced with this integration.
  • Subtasks: This integration doesn't support subtasks quite yet.
  • @mentions: Syncing these isn't possible yet.
  • Signing up for Unito: You won't be able to sign up for Unito directly from your account. You'll have to sign up with your email address, or another work app/tool account. If you need more help, you can follow this guide on how to add Unito to your account.

OAuth Scopes

me:read Read your basic personal details
boards:read Read boards data
boards:write Modify boards data
users:read Access data about your account's users
updates:read Read updates data
updates:write Modify updates data
teams:read Read teams data
account:read Access information about your account

Is there an embedded version of Unito's integration?

Yes! You can sync tasks to other tools without leaving your board! Here's a guide to Unito's app to get you started. Or you can access the embedded version of Unito in right here.

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Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our integration.

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