How to Use the Mirror Power-Up for Trello

Unito's Mirror Power-Up for Trello allows individual cards to sync across multiple boards with the push of a button. Here's how to do it.

What does this article cover?

This Power-Up is ideal for syncing up to 50 Trello cards one at a time. If you want to sync boards or lists with more than that many cards, we recommend Unito's Board Sync Power-Up instead.

Watch our team demo Unito's 2-Way Card Mirror Power-Up for Trello

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Step 1: Enable and authorize the Mirror Power-Up

  1. Add the Power-Up to your desired Trello boards.
  2. Authorize Unito to make changes to your cards (follow on-screen instructions).
auth trello


  • Use a bot account : This clarifies the source of synced comments, avoiding confusion. A name like "bot" or "Unito sync" is ideal.

Step 2: Choose the fields you want to mirror

This step is pretty straightforward - if you want to exclude any fields from syncing in your mirrored cards, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the Mirror button from your Trello board.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Check the fields you'd like to sync, or uncheck any that you don't.

Find out more on which and how fields are mirrored.

Note: Mirrored fields are applied at the board level. So any cards mirrored from this board will sync all fields defined in your settings.

Step 3: Choose the destination board and list

From the back of your Trello card, click Mirror and select which board and list you would like to mirror to.

And that’s it! Your card will now be mirrored onto your board of choice, and any changes made to either card will be synchronized two-ways.

Consider adding a bot user or service account

When you first sign up for Mirror, your list of available boards to mirror will be limited to boards that your account has access to. But if you're part of a larger team with more boards to sync, you may want to create a new Trello account with access to all of them.

The account you connect to Mirror will also be designated as the source of any changes or comments synced. 

Example: If Charlotte connects Mirror to her team's Trello account and Ben leaves a comment in a mirrored card, the synced comment in the other card will appear to be from Charlotte instead of Ben.