Use Case: Syncing Asana Milestones

Here's how to automatically include milestones in your Unito flows, exclude them if needed, and adjust field mappings as needed.

What this article covers:

Automatic Milestone Syncing

Unito's 'task type' rule makes syncing milestones easier than ever! By default, milestones are now included whenever you create a new flow. This saves you time and ensures key project markers are always aligned across your tools.

  • Within Asana: Milestones sync seamlessly across different Asana projects.
  • Cross-Tool Workflows: If you're syncing Asana with Jira or another tool, you might want to adjust mappings to match your workflow. For example, map Asana milestones to Jira epics, while tasks sync with Jira issues, stories, or bugs.

Asana Task Type

How to Check and Adjust Mappings

  • During Flow Creation: When you create a new flow, you'll be able to review field mappings. Ensure your milestones are syncing to the correct field type in the other tool.
  • Editing Existing Flows: Need to change field mappings later? You can edit a flow directly within your Unito dashboard.

Excluding Milestones (Optional)

If you prefer not to sync milestones, it's easy to exclude them:

  1. When creating or editing a flow, navigate to the "Rules" screen.
  2. Click "Add a new trigger" and select "Task types."
  3. Set the rule to "is" and "Task".

Now, only regular Asana tasks will sync, leaving your milestones untouched.

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