How to customize the way Trello lists sync with other integrations

Unito syncs trello lists to fields in other tools however you need them organized. This guide will walk you through the possibilities and show you how it's done.

What does this article cover?

Trello lists are a versatile tool for organizing your work, but their meaning can vary depending on your workflow. Unito lets you harness this flexibility by syncing Trello lists to different fields in other tools, whether that's a status field, a custom field, or something else entirely. 

Trello List + Jira

Applying Trello lists to rules and default settings

One way to use Trello lists in your flows is as a condition of your Unito rules. In the below example, only Trello cards within the specific list chosen will sync to Azure DevOps.

Trello ADO Rules

Simply select Add a new rule, then click List and decide if the rule will be an is or is not condition and pick as many lists as you need. 

Understanding default Trello list syncing

When setting rules in Unito, the actions step (the second section of a set of rules which decides what happens in the destination tool) requires a default list for your Trello cards.

This is where all newly created cards will appear. If you don't specify which list(s) to use in your Field mappings, then all new cards will appear in your default list, 

Default List Trello

In the below example, no lists have been chosen between these two Trello boards. So when Unito creates new cards, they'll appear in the default list chosen in the user's rules:

Trello List + Trello not mapped

Setting lists in your field mappings table

 You can sync each Trello list to a different status in your other tool(s) like Jira or Asana  to track progress and stages.

If an item (a task or issue in those examples) is given a specific status which is mapped in Unito to a specific list, Unito will create a new Trello card  in that list, instead of the default list.

Trello List + Jira

More than just status

In terms of use cases, you by no means need to restrict yourself to only syncing Trello lists to status fields. If your team organizes work by department, project, phase, sprint, or any other container of information, you can sync your lists to it. 

Trello List + Asana

Linking lists to custom fields

If your tool supports custom fields, you can create fields that mirror your Trello lists (e.g., "To Do," "In Progress," "Done") and map them accordingly. This is particularly useful for tools with limited status options.  Ideally, the custom field will relate in some way to the categorization of your Trello cards.

Trello List Custom Fields

Syncing lists to other fields

You can even map Trello lists to other field types, like text fields or dropdown menus. This might be useful for tracking custom categories or priorities.

In this example from Google Sheets, there's no equivalent to a Trello list, so only the name of the list will appear in Google Sheets.

Trello List + Sheets

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