How to customize how Trello lists sync with other integrations?

People use Trello lists in lots of different ways. Here's how to make sure your specific workflow syncs according to plan.

How Trello lists sync by default

People use Trello lists in a variety of ways. To make sure your specific workflow syncs as intended, check your list/state mapping under the "Fields" tab of your flow settings.

By default, open work items will sync with the first list of your board and closed items will sync with the last list.

Unfortunately, with GitHub and Asana (unless you have Custom Fields enabled, see below) you only have two different states (Open/Closed or Complete/Incomplete) so all the cards in your other Trello lists will sync with one of these two states.

Syncing Trello lists to custom fields in Asana

By default, Unito will sync Trello lists with Asana task state (complete/incomplete), but if you are a premium user, you can create custom fields that reproduce your Trello lists and map them together. This way, every time a card moves to a different list in Trello, it will be shown in Asana thanks to your custom field.

Note that custom field support is only available for Team plans and up. If you want to add custom fields to your workflow please reach out to us and we can talk upgrades!

Syncing Trello lists to Wrike and Jira

You can also map your Trello lists with customized status or custom fields for Wrike and Jira. For that, make sure you create the custom field or status with the lists names in Wrike or Jira and go to your flow settings in Unito to map them together.

You may need to first remove the default List <> Status mapping.

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