How Does Unito's Mirror Pricing Work?

Unito charges a monthly fee based on the amount of mirrored cards you have. Read on for more details.

How does Unito's Mirror pricing work?

When you sign up for the Mirror Power-Up, you're signing up for Unito. You can choose between three plans: Personal, Team, and Company. You can also contact us by clicking on the chat bubble for a customized Enterprise solution. The plan that suits your needs will depend on the number of mirrors you're using. Our pricing page has the full list of plans with in-depth feature comparisons and how many mirrors each plan supports.

What counts as a mirror?

Each time a single Trello card from one board is mirrored to one other Trello board, Unito counts that as one mirror. If that same card gets mirrored to another Trello board, you'll now have two mirrors. Two cards in two boards = one mirror. Three cards in three boards = two mirrors. Make sense?

Remember, the link between two cards is what counts as a mirror. If multiple cards get mirrored to multiple boards, your mirrors will add up pretty quick!

How to remove a mirror

One way you can manage your number of active mirrors — and stay within the limits of your plan — is to remove mirrors when they're no longer needed. Removing a mirror is super simple. Just click on the Trello card you don't want to mirror. There, you'll find the Mirror block, with a Remove Mirror link. Just click on that to remove a mirror.

Mirror and your Unito subscription

When you sign up for Mirror, you also get access to all of Unito's other features, including our full suite of power-ups, access to our standalone app's workflow designer, and all our integrations. That means you can go from mirroring individual cards to building a Trello master board, and mirroring your boards to other integrations in just a few clicks. Want to find out how Unito works? Start here!

Already have a Unito plan and want to start using Mirror? Here's how to enable Mirror so you're able to use your included mirrors.