How Are Flows Affected When I Change Unito Plans?

If you change your Unito plan, the flows you've already created continue to function. Here's how that works. 

What this article covers:

How are existing flows affected when you change to a different Unito plan?

The short answer is - in most cases they will function as they did before, as long as you don't edit them. Once you edit an existing flow on your new plan however, the restrictions of your new plan will apply. Check our pricing page for the latest plan details to see what restrictions may affect your edited flows.

FAQs about legacy flows

Do existing flows count against my active flow limit?

Yes, they do - if your plan has a flow limit. Some plans include unlimited active flows, in which case the only restriction you need to be aware of is your items in sync count

Under our pricing structure, most plans can now enjoy unlimited active flows. 

Do existing flows keep the same features?

Existing flows will continue to have access to whichever features you enjoyed under your old plan, while limits will only be in place after you edit those flows.

What happens if the old flows are deleted?

If you delete a flow, it cannot be recovered so you'll have to re-create it from scratch if you wish to re-connect those tools and accounts. Remember, any new flow you create will have to respect your new plan’s limits.

How upgrading your plan affects your flows

Depending on your plan, you may have a limited number of active flows. When you upgrade to a higher plan, you'll instantly have access to more active flows (or even unlimited flows), so you can create new ones, or switch manual flows to auto-sync up to your limit.

Some of our plans also boast additional features, such as subtask and custom field syncing. If you upgrade to one of these plans, you can edit any of your flows to add these features.

Questions about which plan is best for your needs? Please reach out!