What this article covers:

  • Fields that can be synced and used in rules

  • Custom fields and other options

  • Limitations and compatibility

  • Is there an embedded version of this integration?

Synced fields

Here are the fields you can currently sync with Trello, whether they can be used in two-way flows, as well as whether you can use them in rules or not.

Most fields can be synced both ways. This means changes in one tool will affect the other and vice-versa. You can also edit a flow (or a specific field mapping) so that changes only go from one tool to the other and not back.

Trello Field








Due date

Start date


Status (Open or Archived)



Description footer

Link to task

Custom fields and other options

Our Trello integration supports a number of custom fields and other customization settings.

Custom fields

The custom fields supported by this integration are Single-Select dropdown, Number, Checkbox, Date, and Text fields. You can also build rules with the Single-Select dropdown fields.


Trello checklists can be synced with other tools that have subtasks, such as Asana or Jira. The status, assignees, and due dates of these checklist items will also be synchronized.

Default list

When a Trello card is created to match a task in another tool — like a Jira issue — you can determine which list it will be created under in Trello.

Attachment streaming

You can stream Trello attachments, meaning anyone with the link can view the files from other tools without logging into Trello.

Attachments synced from one board to another are automatically transferred as an attachment, rather than a link.

Limitations and compatibility

We’re constantly looking to better support Trello’s growing list of features, fields, and use-cases. Here are a few common limitations you should be aware of:

  • Copied checklists do not sync.

  • Checklist members and due dates can only be synced with other Trello boards or Jira projects.

  • Start Dates can’t be synced yet.

  • Most Trello Power-Up information can’t be synced by Unito. For example, an Epic created through the Hello Epics Power-Up can’t be synced with Unito.

Unito is compatible with all tiers of Trello, paid and free.

Is there an embedded version of this integration?

Unito can be used as a standalone app from our website or, with some integrations, be accessed from within the tool you're most comfortable in. These are called embedded integrations, and Trello is one of them. You can use Unito through our suite of Power-Ups. You’ll get a bit less functionality than our standalone app, but you’ll be able to sync your boards without ever leaving Trello. Here are our Power-Ups:

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