Limitations of Unito's Trello Integration

Here's a breakdown of what Unito's Trello integration can't do yet — and a few other considerations.

Unito's Trello integration is designed to get crucial data out of your boards and into other tools. You've seen what Unito can do for Trello users and here's a list of Trello best practices and troubleshooting tips, while this article will cover what it can't do — yet.

  • Copied checklists: You won't be able to sync these with this integration.
  • Checklist members and due dates: These can only be synced with other Trello boards or Jira projects.
  • Start dates: You won't be able to sync Start dates with this integration.
  • Compatibility with Trello Power-Ups: Most Trello Power-Up information can’t be synced by Unito. For example, an Epic created through the Hello Epics Power-Up can’t be synced with Unito.
  • Cover photos: The first attachment synced to a card will be added as a cover photo. But if you update the cover, that change won't be synced over to your other tools.
  • Edited comments: When you edit comments in Trello, these edits won't be synced over to other boards or other tools. That's because Unito only syncs new comments, not any edits to existing comments.
  • Third Party Power-Ups: Unito does not support any other third-party Trello Power-Ups, so your flows and mirrors will not be compatible with fields related to other Power-Ups. If this is something you'd like to see in the future, don't hesitate to let us know with a feature request!
  • Turning off comments: If comments aren't turned on for Members of the Trello board you're trying to sync, you won't be able to publish your Unito flow. Make sure comments are turned on.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our Trello integration.