What this article covers:

  • Enabling the Mirror Power-Up in your Unito account

  • The difference between Trello's Mirror cards and Unito's Mirror Power-Up

How to use the Mirror Power-Up

All Unito accounts provide some degree of access to the Mirror Power-Up for Trello. This guide will show you how to enable Mirror, so you can take advantage of this useful tool,

To find out how many Mirrors are included in each Unito plan, click here.

1. Navigate to your Unito billing page within the standalone app.

2. Under the Mirror Power-Up section, select “Activate Mirror”.

3. Select your Trello account and associated team.

Note: for now, it’s only possible to mirror with boards within your selected team.

4. Install the Mirror Power-Up.

Make sure you are logged in with the correct Trello account and ensure that you choose a a board within the team you selected when configuring Mirror. This will ensure your Power Up will be included within your Unito subscription.

5. Authorize the Power-Up from within your Trello board.

 Now you're ready to start mirroring! Find out how to create your first mirror.

The difference between Trello's Mirror cards and Unito's Mirror Power-Up

In February of 2021, Trello announced the release of Mirror cards. While this new feature shares a name with Unito’s Mirror Power-Up, there's one key difference between the two. Trello's Mirror cards create one-way relationships; only changes made in the original card will be carried over to its duplicates. With Unito's Mirror Power-Up, changes made in either card will update the other.

For more information about how the two compare, check out this article.

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