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  • How Mirror pricing works
  • How to remove a mirror
  • Mirror and your Unito subscription

How does Mirror pricing work?

Mirror pricing is determined by the number of mirrors you need. Here's the breakdown:

  • The Personal plan: Up to 10 mirrors for $10 a month.
  • The Team plan: Starts at 20 mirrors for $46 a month, scales up to 80 mirrors for $139 a month.
  • The Company plan: Starts at 80 mirrors for $249 a month, scales up to 300 mirrors for $769 a month.

Note: If you have an Enterprise plan and want to use Mirror, contact us!

How does Unito define a mirror?

One mirror is counted as one card which is being mirrored to one other board. If you were to mirror that same card to two boards, then that would be considered two mirrors.

How to remove a mirror?

You’ll see the option to remove a mirror on the back of the mirrored card. This will update your number of mirrors in real-time.

Mirror and your Unito subscription

When you sign up for Mirror, you also get access to all of Unito's other features, including our full suite of power-ups, access to our standalone app's workflow designer, and all our integrations. That means you can go from mirroring individual cards to building a Trello master board, and mirroring your boards to other integrations in just a few clicks. Want to find out how Unito works? Start here!

Here's how to enable Mirror so you're able use your included mirrors.

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