What this article covers:

  • How Mirror pricing works
  • How Unito defines a mirror
  • How to remove a mirror
  • How Mirror works if you already have a Unito subscription

How does Mirror pricing work?

Mirror charges a monthly fee based on the amount of mirrored cards you have.

How does Unito define a mirror?

One mirror is counted as one card which is being mirrored to one other board. If you were to mirror that same card to two boards, then that would be considered two mirrors.

How to remove a mirror?

You’ll see the option to remove a mirror on the back of the mirrored card. This will update your number of mirrors in real-time.

How does Mirror work if I already have a Unito subscription?

If you already have a subscription with Unito, you can start mirroring cards straight away! The amount of mirrors you can have depends on your Unito plan:

  • Personal plan: 10-20 mirrors
  • Team plan: 30-80 mirrors
  • Company plan: 80-300 mirrors

Here's how to enable Mirror so you're able use your included mirrors.

If you have an Enterprise plan, contact us!

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