Which GitHub APIs Are Used?

GitHub has an extensive API which Unito uses to sync issues. Learn more.

Though Unito uses GitHub's extensive API to sync issues, we request the minimum access possible. Unfortunately GitHub does not offer a permission scope for just issues. In the spirit of transparency, and in case you wanted to place a proxy or API gateway in front or your GitHub enterprise (support coming soon), here is the list of API endpoints we use, and don't use.

Note in particular, we never access source code!

OAuth Endpoint

This endpoint is used to get an access token after you authorize Unito. This endpoint is not actually part of the API, so we list it here separately.

API Endpoints Used

  • URLs under https://api.github.com or https://your-GHE-domain/api/

  • Only HTTP HEAD and GET verbs are used, unless specified otherwise

  • * indicates any URL-compatible string EXCLUDING a slash (/)

  • ** indicates any URL-compatible string, including any number of slashes (/)

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