Does Unito Access my GitHub Code Repositories?

The answer is no. And that isn't going to change anytime soon.

What this article covers:

  • Why Unito doesn't access GitHub code repositories

Unito will never access your GitHub code repositories. While it syncs GitHub issues, Unito doesn't actually need access to your code. We request the minimum access possible, but unfortunately GitHub does not offer a permission scope for only issues.

We're in touch with GitHub to suggest an OAuth access scope which may only access Issues, not code.

But until we convince the top GitHub authorities, you can limit access to specific or public GitHub repositories or checkout the exact GitHub API endpoints we use.

All the other Apps that work with GitHub issues have the same limitation, and are also forced to request access to code. Here are some of them:

The more people ask GitHub for an issue-only OAUTH scope, the faster it will come, so add your voice by contacting them.