What's Included in the Unito Trial?

Ready to try Unito? Find out how many workflows you can create, which features are available, and more.

What this article covers:

Unito's 14-day free trial comes with a range of features designed to help you keep your work in perfect sync.

What's in the trial?

Here's a quick breakdown of what to expect from your Unito trial:

  • Unlimited items in sync: There is no limit to the number of items in sync you can add to your workspace.

  • Unlimited flows & workflows: You can create any number of flows you need, and they can be housed in an unlimited amount of workflows.

  • Unlimited mapped fields: Your trial doesn't restrict the number of fields you can map.

  • Unlimited custom fields: You can create and map any number of custom fields.

  • Live updates: All changes are updated across your tools in real-time.

  • Subtasks: You'll be able to sync subtasks across tools.

What's not in the trial?

Not all Unito features are available during your trial. Here's a list of what you won't be able to access:

  • Syncing closed work items: It's best to test out Unito with new work, so we don't sync closed tasks and cards during your trial.

  • Streaming attachments: During your trial, all attachments will show up as a hyperlink to the source tool. Users will need to log in to that tool if they need to access these attachments.

To get the most out of Unito, make sure you pick a plan that fits your use case. If you're not sure which plan to get, consult our pricing page.