What Is the Difference Between an Admin and a Member?

Learn about the permissions each role gets and how you might move from one to the other.

Unito offers two user roles with different access levels: Admin and Member. This determines the workspace settings you have control over.

Admins enjoy greater management power within the workspace, while both roles can build and edit workflows. Let's break it down:

Feature Admin Member
Create & Modify Workflows Yes Yes
Change Workspace Name & Settings Yes No
Manage Billing & Subscription Yes No
Add or Remove Users Yes No
View Workspace Usage Statistics Yes No
 Workflow creation isn't affected: Both roles have the same access to Unito's workflow designer.

Why are all my users admins?

All new users start as Admins: This ensures everyone can immediately build workflows. Admins can demote users to the Member role if needed.

An admin will need to manually demote extra admins to members — but note that this isn't available for all plans. You can refer to the Unito pricing page for more information.

How many admins can I have per workspace?

As many you need! There's no upper limit on the number of admins in a workspace. However, you do need a minimum of one admin per workspace.