What Is the Difference Between an Admin and a Member?

Learn about the permissions each role gets and how you might move from one to the other.

What this article covers:

  • What is an admin user?

  • What is a member user?

  • The differences between each role

  • FAQs

What is an admin user?

Admin users have more control over their Unito workspace, with access to more advanced workspace settings than member users. Every user is automatically made an admin when they're added to a workspace. Being an admin doesn't give you more control over the creation of workflows; it's more about managing the workspace and its users. More on that in a bit.

What is a member user?

A member user has the same access to the workflow designer and Unito's syncing features as an admin, they just have less control over workspace settings. All users are automatically made admins when they are added to a workspace; the only way to be a member is to be demoted by an admin.

The differences between each role

The main difference between admins and members is what they have access to when they open the workspace section of the app. Here's what an admin user can see:

  • Which workspace they're in

  • The switch workspace dropdown

  • Workspace settings

  • Usage

  • Members and active users

  • Pricing

Compare that to what member users can see:

  • Which workspace they're in

  • The switch workspace dropdown

  • Members and active users

While members can see which workspace they're in and who they're working with, they don't have the level of control that admins do. An admin can access the Usage screen to see the number of active users, active flows, and workflows in their workspace. The Workspace settings screen can be used to change your workspace's name and contact email. Meanwhile, the Pricing screen can be used to change your payment information — or choose a plan if you're still using your free trial.

Beyond this, the only differences between admins and members are that admin users can send invitations to add new users to a workspace and remove users from their workspace. Both members and admins can edit active users and merge and unmerge active users.

Frequently asked questions

Why are all my users admins?

All users are admins by default when they join a workspace. If you were using Unito before the release of workspace permissions, all your users were made admins by default. An admin will need to manually demote extra admins to members — but note that this isn't available for all plans. You can refer to the Unito pricing page for more information.

How many admins can I have per workspace?

As many you need! There's no upper limit on the number of admins in a workspace. However, you do need a minimum of one admin per workspace.

Why can't I access the pricing and usage screens anymore?

Since all users are admins by default, you were likely demoted to a member user by an admin. If you need access to pricing and usage settings, reach out to an admin in your organization.

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