Technical Guide: Connecting Your Jira Account To Unito

You can connect Jira to Unito via the Atlassian Marketplace, via OAuth, or from within the Unito app.

In this Article:

This article explains how to connect a Jira Cloud account to Unito within the Unito interface. However, you'll still need to set a few configurations on the Jira side. We also have a guide for setting up an on-premise server.

How to connect Unito to your Jira account from the Atlassian marketplace

The easiest way to connect Jira and Unito is through the Atlassian marketplace. The entire process can be completed right from within your Jira account. To do so:

  • From the Atlassian marketplace, select Two-Way Jira Sync (in-app) or Jira Two-Way Integrations (if you prefer working from the Unito interface).

  • Click on “Install app.” Then follow all the instructions on screen to create a new account or login to an existing one.

  • Next, update your Jira contact email visibility to Anyone:

    Setting Jira contact email visibility for Unito
  • When you want to use Unito, click on the app listing in the Jira dashboard navigation.

    Selecting Unito app from Jira Embed
  • Then you’ll land directly on the Unito dashboard and you can start syncing Jira issues with other work items.

How to connect Unito to your Jira account using OAuth

OAuth is the most secure way of connecting your Jira account to Unito outside of the Atlassian marketplace. To get started:

How to connect Unito to your Jira account from within the Unito app

  1. To add Jira from within the app, head to your Unito Dashboard.
  2. Connect a new tool.Zoho Projects Connect a Tool
  3. Scroll down to the Jira product of your choice and select Connect account.
    Connect Jira Account
  4. Enter your Jira site or server URLScreenshot 2023-08-10 at 9.49.47 AM

From there, you’ll have the option to use OAuth, add Jira via the Atlassian marketplace, or use a Jira API token.

Connecting Jira to Unito with basic credentials

If you’re not a Jira administrator and only have basic credentials, the API token is your best bet. To use this method:

  1. Select Connect account, then put your Jira URL in the first box. You don't need to include https:// at the beginning, you can simply format it as

  2. Type in your username and API key.

  3. Make sure that the checkbox at the bottom is unchecked.

  4. Update your Jira settings, and change your email settings to public.

That's it! You've successfully connected Jira to Unto. This is useful when OAuth isn't an option due to a lack of administrator privileges. Including your username and API key can get you started quickly while you work on obtaining OAuth permission from a Jira administrator.