An Overview of Unito's Salesforce Integration: Opportunities

Looking to sync Salesforce opportunities with Unito? Here's what you can expect from this integration.

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Which Salesforce work items can sync with Unito?

Unito's Salesforce integration supports multiple types of work items: tasks, contacts and opportunities. Here's an overview of:

Each Unito flow can only sync one type of work item: either tasks, contacts or opportunities. Any of these work items synced by your flows will count as an item in sync

Supported Salesforce Opportunity fields in Unito

Here are the fields you can sync with our Salesforce opportunities, as well as the fields you can use in rules.

Quick definitions:

    • One-Way: Changes to the Salesforce opportunity field will appear in the other synced field but not vice versa.
    • Two-Way: Changes to either synced field will appear in the other.
    • Rules: This opportunity field can be used as a trigger in your rules to filter work items from syncing with Unito.
Opportunities Field One-Way? Two-Way?
Autonumber (custom field)*    
Checkbox (custom field)*
Close date  
Date (custom field)*
Datetime (custom field)*  
Email (custom field)*
Expected revenue    
Forecast category name  
Is closed    
Is private  
Last modified by ID    
Last modified date    
Lead source
Next step  
Number (custom field)*
Percent (custom field)*
Phone (custom field)*
Picklist (custom field)*
Related to    
Stage name
Text (custom field)*
Textarea (custom field)*
Total opportunity quantity  


URL (custom field

 *Custom fields are only available with certain Unito plans. Visit our pricing page for more information.

Limitations and other things to keep in mind

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when using this integration:

  • Close date is a mandatory field: The close date field of each opportunity you want to sync has to be mapped and has to have a value. Otherwise, it won't sync properly.

  • Custom field availability: Unito will only be able to sync the custom fields that are available for you in Salesforce. This usually has to do with the permissions you have in Salesforce. If you need to sync a custom field you don't have access to, reach out to your Salesforce administrator.

  • Workflow designer creation: You won't be able to create flows that sync Salesforce opportunities from the workflow designer.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our Salesforce integration.

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