How to Filter Trello Cards by Custom Field

Unito users with a Trello integration can build completely customized workflows by filtering cards according to custom fields. Here's how.

Please note:
  • The ability to sync custom fields is only available for certain plans

The value of filtering by custom fields

Having the ability to filter cards is a powerful feature that allows you to pick and choose which cards are synced between your boards.

Previously, you could filter cards according to labels, lists, and members. But what if you wanted to only sync cards with a high priority, a specific team name, or a flag for reporting to the executive team? You could use yet another label, but custom fields are a much better fit. That’s when filtering by custom fields comes in handy!

How to filter by custom fields

Make sure you have enabled a Power-Up that supports custom fields:

After enabling Custom Fields in your Power-Ups, create your first custom field within your card. In this example I am choosing a drop-down field to set a priority level, but you can use any of the available types here: checkbox, date, number, or text.

In this example, I only want to sync cards from my marketing board that have a high priority associated with them. Simply set up your sync as normal and configure filters to only sync cards that have that specific priority!

From then on, anytime you set a high priority on a card, it will be synced to the other board. Drop the priority back down, and we'll automatically archive the synced card to get it out of view.