How Do You Change the Tool Account Used To Sync?

All Unito workflows always use a specific tool account to perform operations. Here's how to change them.

What this article covers:

  • Why change the tool account?

  • How to change tool accounts

Why would you change the tool account?

When Unito synchronizes two tools, it uses a specific account (one per tool) to perform operations such as creating and updating tasks, or adding comments.
Most of the time this is the same tool account you use to connect your tools.

Sometimes you need to change it for, for example when switching to a Bot User.

How to change tool accounts

Start by logging out from your personal user in the tool (e.g. Asana, Jira, etc.) itself. From there, log in to the tool (e.g. Asana, Jira, etc.) itself as the account you want to use.

Now, in Unito, open the More options menu.

Click on Integrations, then click the Connect account button for the tool you want to connect.

Authorize the connection. You'll now have at least two accounts for that tool. Go back to the Dashboard. Find the flow you want to transfer, click on the three dots and click Edit.

See where your blocks of work are listed?

Click on the pencil.

Click on the dropdown for the account you want to change, and you'll be able to choose the account you've just connected. Once that's done hit Save and you're done!

Note: You can only change to an account that has access to the synchronized project or folder. If you have a 'no access' warning like in the screenshot above, simply give that user access to the relevant projects, and you'll be good to go!

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