Get More Visibility on Your Flows With the Activity Stream

Unito's activity stream provides a clearer picture of what's going on with your flows, change by change. Here's how it works. 

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Unito's 2-way sync capabilities are designed to enable both technical and non-technical teams to collaborate across diverse tools with real-time end-to-end updates. However, even the most well-designed integrations can occasionally encounter hiccups.

The activity stream is your indispensable tool for quickly identifying and resolving issues, ensuring your cross-platform workflows run seamlessly.

What is the activity stream?

Think of Unito's activity stream as a detailed mission log for your flows. Whenever a Unito flow syncs a change between tools, this is logged as an activity.

It records every change synced between your connected tools within the past 24 hours (or longer depending on your plan). Each activity entry provides: 

  • A Timestamp: Precisely when the change was synced.
  • Activity Type: Creation of a new item, field update, comment addition, etc.
  • Updated Fields: Specific fields that were modified.
  • Status: Success or failure of the sync attempt.
  • Item Links: Links to the original and updated work items, their blocks, relevant Unito flow, and associated workflow (if applicable).

Unlocking the Activity Stream's Potential

The activity stream's value lies in its versatility. Here's how to leverage it effectively:

  • Granular Monitoring: Track flow executions in detail, getting real-time insights into what's syncing (or not syncing) across your tools.
  • Proactive Troubleshooting:
    • Unexpected Item Updates: Isolate unwanted changes by searching for the work item's URL. Identify and correct misconfigured field mappings in your flow.
    • Failed Activities: Diagnose sync errors. Check the source tool's status for outages, or escalate persistent issues to Unito support with the activity ID.
  • Flow Validation: Confirm that your flow syncs changes as intended. No more anxious toggling between tools!

Tip: You can also review specific flows and individual items in sync by checking each flow's recent activity log.

How to troubleshoot your flows with the activity stream

Let's illustrate a few scenarios showing how to troubleshoot common issues with the activity stream:

Scenario 1: An item is syncing changes you didn't expect

With the activity stream's search function, you can pick out a specific work item and see all changes made to it. 

  • Search: Paste the item's URL into the activity stream search.
  • Analyze: Under "Updated Fields", spot unintentional mappings.
  • Fix: Adjust your flow's field mappings.

Scenario 2: Your flow isn't syncing at all

If there aren't any activities at all, you'll know your changes aren't syncing. If you see a list of activities with the failed status, there's probably an issue with your tool or a slowdown in service.

  • Live Stream: Check for any recent activity under "Live activity stream"
  • Auto Sync: Ensure it's enabled (if it should be). Use "Sync Now" for manual flows.
  • Filter: Verify the "Only sync new tasks" option isn't preventing the flow from syncing existing items.

Either way, the failed status is typically temporary. In most cases, Unito will keep trying until the change goes through. But if that doesn't happen, you can copy the activity ID for a failed activity at the far left of the activity stream and share it with our product specialists

Activity stream availability

While available on all Unito plans, the activity stream's history length varies. Refer to our pricing page for specifics.

You can also pair the activity stream with our three ways to test your flow for advanced testing.