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How does this beta work?

When an integration from our upcoming integrations page gets enough interest, we start working to add it to our suite. The first step is working towards a beta version of the integration so you can get access to it earlier. That gives you the chance to send us your feedback and lets us tune it to better fit your use case.

Our Google Calendar integration is now in beta, meaning you can add it to your flows right now! Our beta integrations don't usually support as many fields or features as other integrations. More on that below.

Synced fields and other features

Google Calendar Field





Description Footer




Start Date Time

End Date Time



Attachment Link

Event URL

Event Type

Created At


Updated At

Guest Can Invite Others

Guest Can Modify

Guest Can See Other Guests

Limitations (and other things to keep in mind)

Because this integration is still in beta, there are some limitations you need to know about.

  • Google Contacts permissions: To sync event guests, Unito will need access to your Google Contacts account.

  • Start Date Time must be mapped: In order for your Unito flow to work properly, your Google Calendar events must have a Start Date Time and it needs to be mapped. Unito will automatically filter out any events that don't have a Start Date Time set.

  • Compatibility: Currently, it isn't possible to sync Google Calendar events with work items that don't have dates (e.g. contacts).

  • Historical data: Unito will sync events within a total period of 18 months. Specifically, the six previous months and the 12 upcoming months. This keeps your flows from running into performance issues.

Deleting Google Calendar events permission

When you first connect your Google Calendar account to Unito, you might notice that Unito needs permission to permanently delete events. Don’t be alarmed! This permission is a requirement for this integration to work, but Unito never deletes your data. In fact, we have a very strict policy regarding content deletion. You can find the full policy here, but the essence of it is Unito will never delete data on the platform it originates from.

Say you sync Google events to Trello, where they become new Trello cards. If you delete, close, or archive a Trello card synced to a Google event, the original event will never be deleted. So even if Unito needs this permission to work properly, we will never delete your events.

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