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A step-by-step walkthrough

Installing the Unito add-on for Google Sheets

Before you can start building a flow with Google Sheets, you need to install the Unito add-on in the sheets you want to sync. Here's how that's done.

Start by going to the top of your Google Sheet. Click on Extensions, then Add-ons, and finally on Get add-ons.

Type "Unito for Google Sheets" in the search bar to find the add-on.

Install the Unito for Google Sheets add-on and follow the instructions on the popup.

Make sure you click on the Insert the two columns in this sheet button before going to Unito! This will add the UnitoID and Last Modified columns to your sheet, which are essential for Unito to work. You can hide them, but they need to exist.

Now that you've installed the add-on, here's how you can add Google Sheets to your Unito account and start building your first flow.

Adding Google Sheets to your Unito account

The first step to creating any flow is adding the tool accounts Unito will need to access. Click on + Add a tool to this flow, then choose Google Sheets.

Next, you'll want to click on + Choose account, followed by + Connect a new Google Sheets account.

From there, pick the Google account you want to use with Unito, and click on Allow when asked if you want to give Unito access to your Google account.

Now you can officially use your Google Sheets account with Unito and set up your first flow!

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