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How does this beta work?

When an integration on the upcoming integrations page gets enough interest, we start working on adding it to the Unito toolbox. We then release a beta version of the integration so you can get access to it earlier. That opens it up to your feedback so we can tailor it to better fit your use case.

Our Intercom integration is now in beta, meaning you can start connecting it to your Unito account right now! However, there are a few differences between a beta integration and a regular integration that you should know about.

The integration in action

Supported fields and other features

Beta integrations don't always support as many fields as their full-featured counterparts. Here are the fields you can sync with our Intercom integration, along with which fields can be used in rules.

When syncing data from Intercom, you’ll need to choose a team as your block of work. Any conversation assigned to this team will be synced — unless it’s filtered out by a rule.

Intercom field




Conversation Title

First reply (conversation description)






Custom field: Single Select

Custom field: text

Custom field: Numbers

Custom field: True or False

Link to conversation

Description footer


*tags and attachments can only be synced at the message level, instead of the conversation level (image here). This means you’ll need to add a tag to an individual message in order to sync it.

We also support rich text for notes!

If there's something you'd like to see from this integration that we're not doing yet, please reach out to us! Your feedback helps us focus our efforts.

What this integration doesn't support (yet!)

Because this integration is still in beta, there are some things you won't be able to do.

  • Syncing all historical data: Due to limitations with Intercom’s API, a Unito flow can only sync the last 500 items from Intercom conversations to your other work tools. Note that these items include messages, attachments, and notes. This limitation doesn’t apply to tags, so Unito can still sync messages with tags beyond the 500 item limit on conversations.

  • Conversation creation: Collaborators in other tools won’t be able to create new Intercom conversations from a different tool.

  • Mapping Intercom replies to comments: Collaborators in other tools won’t be able to create new Intercom replies by creating a comment in another tool. This is currently on our roadmap.

  • Live-sync: Due to limitations in Intercom’s API, we can’t sync changes in real time. We use webhooks to do this, and they aren’t available for this integration.

Other things to keep in mind

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you use our Intercom integration:

  • To use Unito, make sure your Intercom account has "Can install, configure and delete apps" access turned on. You can find this under the Apps and integrations section of your user permissions.

  • When you set up a flow, you’ll be asked to pick an Intercom team from which you’ll sync messages. For an Intercom conversation to sync properly, it has to be assigned to that team. Note that it doesn’t need to be assigned to a specific member of that team, just the team itself.

We can't wait to see what you do with this integration. If you have any questions or feature requests, please reach out to us! We'll be happy to help.

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