What this article covers:

  • What happens when you re-create a flow in the workflow designer

  • What if the flow and workflow are created by users from different workspaces?

Re-creating a flow in the workflow designer

When there are multiple people in your workspace, it might be hard to keep track of which projects were already synced and which still need to be integrated into your workflow.

So what happens if you connect blocks of work in the workflow designer but they're already connected by a flow? Well, as long as the user in the workflow designer and the user who created the initial flow are in the same workspace, the flow will automatically be replicated in the workflow designer. This means you can integrate it into a bigger workflow, check flow status from the workflow designer, edit flow settings, and so on.

This keeps flows from being duplicated unnecessarily.

What if the flow and workflow are created by users from different workspaces?

A flow will only be automatically created if you and the person who created it are in the same workspace. Otherwise, you'll probably get this error:

These blocks of work are already synced together by Unito elsewhere.

You won't be able to create a workflow including a flow that already exists in another workspace. This probably won't affect the work you're doing in your tools. Since the flow already exists, your tasks will already be synced automatically. That said, if you need access to this flow, you should reach out to an admin user of the workspace the flow exists in.

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