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  • What is Unito’s test mode?
  • Why you should use test mode
  • How to use test mode

We've launched an evolution of our product, so some of the terminology and guidance in this article might be a bit out of date, and we're working hard to update it. You can learn more about our new workflow offering here, brush up on the new terminology here, and find out how to build your first workflow here.

What is test mode?

Test mode is a brand new Unito feature that allows you to only sync new work items — that is, items created after building your test flow. 

Why you should use test mode

When syncing new blocks and playing around with different workflows, we always advise using test blocks to avoid disrupting your team members and potentially making mistakes. 

Test mode removes that risk, allowing you to test out the flow on new items first and, if it goes as planned, roll it out to the rest of your workflows. You could also keep it on permanently — only newly created items will sync and existing workflows will never be affected. 

A secondary benefit of test mode is that it can actually speed up your new flow experiment. This is because Unito won’t have to query old items when deciding what to sync over. This is particularly valuable for large organizations or teams with a large number of open items.  

How to use test mode

Test Mode is on by default. 

You can see the time stamp on the “Options” page. Only the items created after this time will be covered by the flow.

Once you create your flow, a “test mode” label will be applied to that flow on the “Flows” page of your Unito dashboard. 

Note: Test mode still counts towards your Unito plan. This means that anyone collaborating on these test flows will count towards your active users

Turning off test mode

Once you have finished testing, and you're happy with how the flow is functioning, you can edit your flow and turn test mode off. Turning test mode off will mean that all existing items in your blocks will sync based on your flow configuration.

You can also turn off test mode from the "Flows" page, by clicking the three dots on the right of any specific flow. 

Important: If you turn off test mode before creating a new flow, you will never be able to use test mode for that flow. Test mode cannot be applied retroactively.

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