What this article covers:

  • Why you should create a bot user in Unito
  • How to set up a bot user
  • Permissions required for a bot user
  • How to change the sync connector so it's coming from the bot user

Why should I create a bot user?

When you add a connector for your favorite tool, the system will use the users you authorized to perform the syncs between the two platforms. This means these authorized users will be designated as the source of any changes/comments synced. Here's why that might end up creating confusion: 

If Eryk sets up the sync with his own personal user, this is how a comment from another user (Fred) would appear when it's synced in Wrike:

While Fred's name shows up in the text, the comment is still attributed to Eryk. At a glance, a Wrike user might assume Eryk made this comment.

Bot Users remove this confusion by becoming the comment owner. We recommend naming your Bot User Sync or Sync Bot for extra clarity.

How to create a bot user

Creating a Bot User in any of your favorite tools is pretty straightforward:

  • Create another user in the tool you're syncing (say, Jira) 
  • Give the user its own email address
  • Give the user access to the projects, repositories or boards you want to sync.

If you're using Gmail, you don't have to create a new email address; you can just add a "+syncbot" at the end of your name (e.g. [email protected]) and it will count as a new address, while still receiving all emails.

Permissions required for a bot user

Your Bot users must have full read/write permissions to the projects and folders you wish to sync.


Here's a full guide on the user permissions required in Jira.


Make sure the Bot User has access to the teams and projects you want to sync.


Make sure the Bot User is either an owner of your organization (recommended) or a collaborator of the repositories you want to sync.


Make sure the Bot User is an Admin of your team and a Board Admin in any of the Trello boards you want to sync.

Change the connector used to sync in Unito 

How to switch your connector from your personal user to the Bot User

  • Open the Unito App and make sure you're logged in with your personal account, (not the bot).
  • Open the tool whose bot user you want to connect (e.g. in Asana, Jira, etc.), and log out from your personal user (in that tool).
  • Go back to the Unito App, locate the Your Connectors sidebar, and click the Add Connector button.
  • The popup window will ask you to connect your log into your tool, enter the credentials to your Bot User.
  • Authorize the connection. You'll now have at least two connectors in the tool panel.
  • Edit the sync you want to transfer by clicking the three dots at the right-hand side of your sync and selecting EDIT.
  • On the Project settings tab, expand the "Sync changes with this user" pull-down and select the new connector you wish to use for synchronization.
  • Click SAVE & SYNC. 

Your sync will now use the new connector.

Note: You can only change a connector that has access to the synchronized project or folder. If the Bot User is greyed out, some permissions are missing.

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