Syncing HubSpot Tickets With Unito

Looking to sync HubSpot tickets with Unito? Here's what you can expect from this integration.

Supported fields and rules

Here are the fields our integration supports when syncing HubSpot tickets, as well as the fields you can use in rules.

hubspot ticket fields

What counts as an item in sync?

Unito's HubSpot integration supports four different work items: tasks, deals, tickets, and contacts. Each flow can only sync one type of work item, and any work item synced by that flow counts as an item in sync. So, for example, if you sync HubSpot tasks with a Unito flow, each task synced counts as an item in sync.

Limitations and other things to keep in mind

  • Attachments, comments, notes, and custom fields: These fields aren't currently supported by this integration.

  • No associated object rules: When syncing HubSpot tasks, you can build rules that filter out tasks depending on which deal they're associated with. This isn't available when syncing HubSpot tickets.

  • Using the workflow designer: If you create your flow through the workflow designer, you won't be able to choose to sync HubSpot tickets. Make sure you create your flow from the flow list.

  • Five-minute sync: Webhooks aren't supported for this integration yet, which means your HubSpot ticket flows will only check for updates every five minutes.