A Primer on Unito's Pipedrive Integration

Our Pipedrive integration is officially live! It's currently in beta, meaning there are some differences between it and other integrations.

How does this beta work?

When an integration from our upcoming integrations page gets enough interest, we start working to add it to our suite. The first step is working towards a beta version of the integration so you can get access to it earlier. That gives you the chance to send us your feedback and lets us tune it to better fit your use case.

Our Pipedrive integration is now in beta, meaning you can start using it in your workflows right now! That said, there are a few things about this integration that you should know about.

Supported fields and other features

Our beta integrations don't usually support as many fields as other integrations. Here are the fields you can sync with our Pipedrive integration, along with the fields you can use in rules.

Pipedrive fields

What counts as an item in sync?

For Pipedrive, Unito counts every synced person as an item in sync.

Custom fields

Our Pipedrive integration supports the following custom fields:

  • Text

  • Large Text

  • Single Option

  • Multiple Options

  • Phone

  • Address

You can also use these fields to build rules.

Marketing status

Pipedrive's marketing status field tells you if a contact has agreed to receive marketing communications from you. This status is part of Pipedrive's Campaigns feature, which is currently in closed beta. You can learn more about this field in Pipedrive's support documentation.

Be aware that once a contact's marketing status is set to unsubscribed or bounced, it can no longer be edited. You'll get a notification in the Unito app when this is the case.

To ensure that your Unito flow syncs the marketing status field, every option has to be properly mapped. This is called multi-mapping, and you can learn more about it here.

Limitations (and other things to keep in mind):

Because this integration is still in beta, there are some things you won’t be able to do yet.

  • Syncing multiple email addresses: If a contact has multiple email addresses assigned to it, Unito will only sync the first — or primary — email address.

  • Syncing multiple phone numbers: Same thing here. Unito will only sync the first phone number for each contact.

  • Mapping the organization field: Currently, you can only map this field to the Description Footer field in other tools.

  • Contact merging: This Unito feature keeps your Mailchimp contacts from getting duplicated as you sync them. Here's how it works.

  • Two-way flows: Currently, you can only sync contacts from Pipedrive to other tools. That means you couldn't use Unito to create new contacts when a work item is created in another tool, for example. Note that you can still keep all information updated in both tools; you just can't automate contact creation with Unito.

  • Counting active users: We don't count active users for this tool. That means your pricing plan will be based on the active users in the tool you sync your contacts to.

How do I add Unito to Pipedrive?