An Overview of Unito's Basecamp Integration

Need to optimize your Basecamp workflows? Here's more about this integration including supported fields and customization options.

What does this article cover?

Supported Basecamp fields in Unito

Here are the fields you can sync with our Basecamp integration and which ones you can use in rules.

Quick definitions:

    • One-Way: Changes to the Basecamp field will appear in the other synced field but not vice versa.
    • Two-Way: Changes to either synced field will appear in the other.
    • Rules: This Basecamp field can be used as a trigger in your rules to filter work items from syncing with Unito.
Basecamp Field One-Way? Two-Way? Rules?
Created by    
Due date  
Link to to-do    
Start date  
To-do id    
To-do list

What counts as an item in sync?

For Basecamp, Unito counts every synced to-do as an item in sync.

Customization options for Unito's Basecamp integration

Default list

You can set up a default list so any automatically-created to-dos land exactly where you need them to. Say you sync Trello cards to Basecamp. Most lists will probably be mapped to each other — in progress to in progress for example. But whenever a Trello card comes into Basecamp and there's no matching list, it can be sent to a default list you've pre-selected.

Limitations of Unito's Basecamp integration

We're always working to improve our Basecamp integration. With that in mind, here are a few limitations you should be aware of:

  • Syncing @mentions: These aren't currently supported.

  • Syncing to multiple Basecamp workspaces: Each Basecamp account you connect to Unito can only build flows through one Basecamp workspace. Basecamp automatically picks the primary workspace as the only one that can be synced with Unito, meaning you won't be able to pick the workspace you want to sync from. This is a limitation in Basecamp's API.

  • Basecamp versions: Currently, this integration only supports Basecamp 3 and 4.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our Basecamp integration.