My Items in Sync Count Is Higher Than It Should Be

Since the price you pay for Unito is based on your items in sync count, it needs to accurately reflect your needs. Here are a few reasons why it might be higher than you expect.

You recently deleted items in your project

If you closed/completed/archived a work item in the tools you are syncing, your items in Sync count should update within 2-4 hours.

If you permanently deleted an item in the tool you are syncing, your Items in Sync count can take up to a week to update

Work items aren't automatically filtered out as soon as you delete them. That's because Unito only checks for deleted items once a week. However, Unito checks for filtered-out items more frequently. That means the best way to leave some work items out of your items in sync count is to filter them out in one way or another. That could mean adding a label that an existing rule filters out, for example. You could also create a new list (or section) and build a new rule that excludes that list. Then, instead of deleting work items, you could just move them to that list. That way, they'll be excluded from your items in sync count sooner. 

Your flow rules are syncing work items that are open and archived

This means archived cards count towards the limit, which may explain a high count. To remove archived cards, change the status to open.

items in sync high 1

You may have more items than you think

Here’s a refresher of what is considered an item in sync. 

Some common examples:
    • Trello cards and checklists
    • Asana tasks and subtasks
    • Google Sheets rows
    • Github issues

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